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Twitter is Best Home for MySpace

Sure Myspace is troubled, just let go of about half their staff and will likely be sold off. Obviously Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL come to mind as acquirers. Google could potentially avoid antitrust concerns because Facebook is such a...

My Favorite Headline

Best headline I have seen in a while is certainly Twitter and Apple's Ping To Make Sweet Music Together written by Stefanie Mosca of TMCnet - check it out and learn about conversations between Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg and...

Interop New York 2009 Videos

I got back from Interop New York 2009 last night and was pretty excited to conduct a number of video interviews in the new TMC Newsroom set. One of the videos I was particularly excited to conduct was with Dr....

TMCnet Blogs Add New Social Networking Features

Great news for readers of TMCnet blogs. As you know we now have 40 bloggers and continue to innovate with technology and integration additions to our blogs which allow you to use your social networking login to comment on our...
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