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Mobile Device More Important than Underwear for Travelers

It isn’t often I start a product briefing with a Twitter feed – but when I spoke with Chuck Dietrich, CEO of SlideRocket we started out by looking at a live feed of Tweets describing how awful PowerPoint is. And...

Cisco Quad Points to Communications Future

With Twitter and Facebook entrenching themselves as the defacto social destinations for consumers there is a more quiet race betwen enterprise technology companies to position themselves as the next information hub for collaboration in the corporate world. I recently spent...

Is the iPad a Work Device?

Should Apple's competition be scared? Absolutely. Apple has done it again. Yesterday TMC received its iPad and you may recall me watching it as it left China and made its way to Alaska. Once it was set up I took...

Microsoft Under Scrutiny

In a recent post I mentioned that years back I launched the world's first Tablet computing conference and at the time our fortunes were tied to Microsoft. Obviously the tablet PC market did not take off and now that the...

Prezi May be the Future of Presentations

I came across a new presentation solution which has the potential to change the way presentations are created. PowerPoint has served us well for years and while many have complained about how this Microsoft software is responsible for putting more...

Nortel's Web.Alive Brings Virtual Worlds to Business

While Nortel faces financial struggles and unprecedented debt, there are bright spots in the company's portfolio which most reporters will ignore because - well good news doesn't sell. I for one think it is always worth exploring the silver linings...
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