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Problems are Just Temporary Nuisances Looking for Solutions

My personal quote of the day - feel free to use it as needed and link back, thanks....

MacBook Air Problems

Wow... that was fast. Just a  short while after the MacBook Air started to sell, the laptop that fits inside an envelope seems to be less useful than the envelope when pushed too hard. Apparently the laptop shuts down one...

Skype Update

You may recall yesterday that I wrote about Skype having problems. It seems most of the service is back to normal according to Skype’s Heartbeat Blog. Here is the latest blog post:   As Europe has woken up to a...

Vista Remote Desktop Problems

TMC's Tom Keating found some bugs in Remote Desktop on Vista. The problem revolves around a super-slow connection. Actually I am happy he found the solution to the problem before I upgrade to Vista next week. I just came across...

iPhone Problems

  For the record, I do not have an iPhone. I may be the only techie who doesn’t have one at this point. I didn’t stand in line for hours or camp on a sidewalk waiting for this device...
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