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Why We Love Calorie-Rich Foods We Can' Even Taste

I realize most of you come to my blog for tech and communications news but I have a passion for many other things such as cars, science, nutrition, excercise and more. So occasionally I share some news which may not...

Swine Flu Evolution

If you are interested in evolution and/or swine flu, check out this well-written article which details how swine flu is evolving before our eyes to be spread between pigs and humans and then humans and humans.Those people who don't believe...

Youe Computer Needs Protein

As proteins aid in storing memory in your brain it is probably not surprising that researchers are looking for ways to get proteins to store data in a manner that could work with computers. To that end Tetsuro Majima at...

Return Receipt Frustration

First of all to everyone in the world, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!Even if you don't celebrate, have some turkey -- it is good for you. Lots of tryptophan and as a bonus it is low in fat and calories and high in...
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