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Comunicano: Your Influencer Relations Company

Many of you in the communications and technology spaces already know Andy Abramson as he is a well-known and influential blogger. But what you may not realize about Andy's company Comunicano is it is a major player in the world...

Don't Cut Customer Outreach in a Recession

It is fascinating to hear industry execs speak of how most of their customers are cutting back on their spending so in response they reduce their spending on new customer acquisition by cutting PR, marketing and sales budgets. Of course...

Will Your Company Survive this Slow Down?

 In this slow economy, different companies have various strategies to help them get through. One I have noticed is to cut all the experienced, senior people in favor of replacing them with people who make and know less. This strategy...

Todd Keefe to Promote ITEXPO West 2008

Todd Keefe always did a great job managing the press room, etc at the VON events and now that the VON events are gone, we thought it made sense to have Todd join TMC in promoting ITEXPO, the World's...

Target Blows off Bloggers

Recently Target responded to a blogger request with the following message... "Unfortunately we are unable to respond to your inquiry because Target does not participate with nontraditional media outlets. This practice is in place to allow us to focus on...

Ixia on Skype Outage

You may have seen my recent blog post about what we learned from the Skype outage. I have had much feedback about this article and I found it important enough to publish in an upcoming TMC magazine. I won’t tell...
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