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Network Security and Home Based Agents

I am at a good friend's house today and they have a problem with their laptop. My friend is a lawyer and while we debate the merits of the Cisco vs. Apple iPhone case I am also helping fix their...

Purple Heart Alpha 911 Keynote

I just finished up my keynote presentation for the Alpha 911 class of the Purple Heart Foundation and got a chance to thank the disable veterans of this country for all they have done to keep America safe and Secure....

VoIP Changes the Lives of Disabled Veterans

Many people know how VoIP has changed lives and how it has allowed communications to take place among people who previously could not afford to communicate. Voice over IP is obviously disruptive but at the same time it has changed...

Call Centers Changing Lives

I actually felt good writing this story. Like I was contributing to something bigger than anything I have written about previously. I hope you read it, it moves you and you find a way to have your corporation participate in...
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