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Did Social Just Make UC Irrelevant?

If you are working with a phone system maker who isn’t innovating rapidly, beware - their days could be numbered. I hate to be sensational but you have to wonder, with real-time video & voice communications embedded into social networks...

Quad: The Death of E-mail and Cisco's Social Enterprise Ambitions

Quad moves to the cloud, has native Cius tablet support and offers better interoperability Last week I took a train into the city from TMC’s Connecticut HQ to spend time with the Cisco Quad collaboration team – using Cisco telepresence...

Heading into NY for Cisco Quad Briefing

Last September I covered Cisco Quad and was impressed. Since then I haven't heard much about the product and am heading into New York right now to meet with the Cisco team to learn more.Update: There is news - it...

MangoSpring MangoApps For Better Corporate Collaboration

Months back you may recall I covered Cisco Quad, a corporate social networking solution for truly massive companies. While many organizations use Microsoft SharePoint as a social solution, another option is to turn to MangSpring’s MangoApps, a solution which takes the...

Avaya to Announce Tablet Tomorrow?

I meet with Avaya execs tomorrow and the speculation is the meeting involves the launch of a tablet. I mentioned Cisco is already announcing new apps for their tablet and it isn't even out yet. The tablet race is certainly...

Cisco Quad Points to Communications Future

With Twitter and Facebook entrenching themselves as the defacto social destinations for consumers there is a more quiet race betwen enterprise technology companies to position themselves as the next information hub for collaboration in the corporate world. I recently spent...
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