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You Want a Gun With That Satellite Dish?

At a Montana Radio Shack you can get a free gun when you buy a satellite dish and if you don't want the gun you can get a $50 Pizza Hut gift certificate instead. And it seems Montana is a...

Blackberry Torch 9800 Analysis

 The launch of RIM's latest phone the Torch 9800 certainly wasn't a secret and although I haven't had time to test the device as of yet, I am impressed with much of what the Canadian company has packed into its...

Volcanoes, Google Censorship, Facebook and More

While the world has been awash in news regarding volcanoes and the beginning of endless probes of Goldman Sachs I decided to spend some time putting together other news you should be aware of. After all, if you are watching...

Skype as Lifestyle

Andy has some great comments on how Skype should be putting kiosks in stores and eventually having their own stores. This makes a great deal of sense for the company. Amazingly I have heard Skype mentioned on the radio twice...
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