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COTS to the Service Provider Rescue

There was a time when service providers had to purchase massively expensive proprietary equipment in order to deploy telephone service. Class 4 and 5 switches required enormous investment and could be justified as this equipment would be depreciated over many...

Single Volume Control

I have to wonder with all this video streaming around the internet if we don’t need a new way to control the volume of these various streams. When scanning for news I often will click on a news story...

EVDO Rev. A Update

I can’t say enough good things about EVDO Revision A. I am using the Verizon variant and was able to work at broadband speeds up the New England coast. I could use OWA and remote desktop while streaming audio. I...

Pandora Radio

Without a doubt one of the most interesting websites I have used these past months is Pandora, a site which allows you to rapidly assemble a customized radio station for yourself. Initially, you are presented with a form where you...

The Merger Satellite Radio Needs

Talks of XM and Sirius merging seem to be an on and off affair with many groups against and some even for the proposed merger of satellite radio companies. For my part, I think it is bad for consumers to...

Google as Ad Agency

You know I think it is time to call a spade a spade. Google doesn’t want to be called an agency and past interviews with company execs categorically deny the company is an agency or has any intention to become...
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