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Metaswitch Forum 2010 Photos

I spent the evening at the Metaswitch Forum 2010 in Orlando, FL and had a chance to take some photos of an event which took place at the Universal CityWalk where there was terrific networking taking place. I got to...

CenturyTel Qwest Merger: Experts Weigh In

When it comes to mergers in the telco business, one thing I trust are the insights of Peter Radizeski who's TMCnet blog - On Rad's Radar is a must-read if you want perspective into the communications market with the sugar...

Supercomm 2009 Video Interviews

I conducted dozens of videos this week at Supercomm and many were done in the TMC newsroom. I posted a few of them below for you to see. Feel free to check out the complete list of Supercomm video interviews...

Supercomm 2009 Update

I am here in Chicago for Supercomm 2009 where I have numerous video interviews and meetings set up. I will be attending a few receptions and the first one is this evening in celebration of Genband's 10-year anniversary. We have...

Zippy's Thoughts on ITEXPO

I just came across an article by Richard Zippy Grigonis regarding the success of ITEXPO in light of the incredible competition over the years. Reading it, reminded me of shows of the past which I enjoyed going to. Zippy --...

Jon Arnold on Vonage

Jon Arnold has done a great job of analyzing how Vonage is doing and according to the Arnold, the latest quarter had some ups and downs. Jon spells out why Vonage may not make it into 2009 and I for...
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