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Why We Needed This Economic Reboot

It is impossible to watch the news or read the paper these days without feeling a sense of fear. Will I keep my job? My house? My investments? My car? And I am with you. I feel the pain of...

SkyFire: The Cure for iPhone Envy

Do you have iPhone envy? I do. In fact, just this past Sunday I walked into the AT&T store and I browsed TMCnet on the iPhone and was blown away at how easy it was to surf on this phone...

Skype Retracts Microsoft Blame

In previous posts it was mentioned that Skype blames Microsoft for the recent outage it had last week. More recently Skype has issued a statement saying it does not diectly blame Microsoft for the problem but instead it clarified the...

Skype P2P Problems

By now it seems the whole world is aware Skype had major problems last week. For most people, Skype was down. Tom Keating speculated the cause was a Microsoft patch which rebooted massive numbers of machines. He has a point...
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