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Pope Meet Facebook, Facebook Meet Pope

Missionaries to become missionaries 2.0Religion likely started around the time man learned how to use language and for something so old, it is always fascinating to see it update itself. For example, Last November TMCnet reported how the Vatican was...

Viral Videos and Religion

I came across this funny video which is designed to encourage people to visit Israel. I thought it was very funny and watched it a few times. What amazes me about it is just how it shows religious and...


We have enough important things to discuss in the world and certainly trying to disprove evolution shouldn’t be one of them. According to this article three of ten republican presidential candidates don’t believe in evolution and it is obvious our...


To all my religious (and other) friends I would like to wish you a happy religious week. In order to not play favorites here I would like to send a religious greeting to all of my friends and will use...
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