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Welcome Back Patrick Barnard

I would like to welcome back Patrick Barnard to the TMC editorial team. Patrick has covered a number of different editorial areas at TMC over the years and recently left TMC to work on Multichannel Merchant. He is now back...

TMC Video Launches

Well it isn't like we just started to do video or anything but we have started to have daily broadcasts which are quite good. of course I am biased, so take a look at the TMC Video Newsroom page yourself...

MP3 Taser Video

Are you concerned the new MP3-enabled Taser holder doesn't still Tase properly? Here is a video which shows it works fine. this reporter was nice enough to sacrifice his electrochemical responses for the good of of his website. Impressive. By...

Off to the Voice Peering Forum New York

Tomorrow I am off to the Voice Peering Forum Winter 2007 hosted by Stealth Communications. Shrihari Pandit the VPF Founder asked me to help with some video reporting which is always very exciting. If you know Hunter Newby from Telx,...

Interviewed by CBS 5

The 4:00 am wake-up call seemed louder than most – even though I went to sleep at 5:00 pm the night before. You see I just couldn’t sleep through the night regardless of how tired I was from the late-night...
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