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3D-Printed Homes to Replace Those Lost in Panama City, Florida

Our pal Mike Ross - who has been in tech and telecom as long as we can remember lives in Panama City, Florida where a devastating Hurricane Michael hit and devastated much of the city.No doubt, you have seen Mike...

Dialogic: The Disruptor Combats Disruption

Perhaps nothing has disrupted communications more than Dialogic innovations. This post shows how they are reacting to disruption they initiated Disruption is not a new concept. We all get that Amazon disrupted Circuit City, the advent of the MP3 reduced...

Brian Ross Joins Acredo Technologies

Hosted communications provider Acredo Technologies recently hired Mike Ross to bolster the company's sales. Acredo is headed up by Mike Ross a veteran of the communications space having worked for Dialogic, Rhetorex, Aculab and many others.Mike's son Brian worked with...

Dialogic Buys Cantata

Dialogic has been gaining a great deal of momentum this past year and now this momentum has increased substantially as the company has just announced they will be acquiring Cantata. This deal gives Dialogic access to huge fax market share...
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