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Sagem-Interstar Makes Fax More Survivable

Sagem-Interstar Inc. (Sagem Communications) of Montreal, Canada  has been selling advanced fax server solutions for IP networks globally since 2002. Their technology leverages IP telephony and Unified Communications (UC) systems to boost productivity, collaboration activities and overall ROI. At VoiceCon...

CEBP - Why Don't You Die?

  Perhaps the most maligned term in telecom is communications enabled business processes or CEBP. It is funny how just so many companies tell me they have a new CEBP solution and then go on to say they despise the...

PAETEC: Success Under the Radar

Recently I traveled to San Francisco to PAETEC World, the largest of annual meetings that PAETEC has with its customers. During this cold San Francisco week, over 350 customers and well over 100 PAETEC employees spent a few days in...

eGlue Interview With Dror Pockard

Today I had a chance to interview Dror Pockard who is the CEO of eGlue, the only tech company I know that was developed on a kibbutz. If you aren't aware, a kibbutz is an Israeli agricultural community and to...

Aspect Brings Unified Communications to the Contact Center

In 1997 TMC decided to launch a magazine titled Internet Telephony to cover what we hoped would become a huge IP communications industry. A few years later, contact centers saw the technology as a great way to take advantage of...

Vonage Does Better

Although Vonage is still not profitable it is doing better. In its latest quarter it reported a loss of $0.22. This compares to a loss of $1.16 per share last year. Vonage said it gained about 57,000 net subscriber lines,...
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