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HTML 5 Plus H.264 not as Open as you Think

If you stream any video on your site, this news could drastically increase your future costs. Here is an excellent article from Christopher Blizzard on HTML 5 video and H.264 which delves into the potential problems we could see on...

Internet Music Saved?

There is some good news and bad in the recent negotiations between record labels and internet streaming sites which bring you radio over IP. From the AP: The revenue-sharing deal announced Tuesday is between SoundExchange, a nonprofit that collects royalties...

Verizon and Vonage Patent Dispute: What the Means to VoIP

One of the concerns some have for the future of Vonage is the recent patent dispute ruling requiring Vonage to pay Verizon one-time and recurring royalties for infringement on patents Verizon owns. This issue has ramifications perhaps for the entire...
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