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Julius Genachowski Makes Brilliant Move at FCC in Hiring Henning Schulzrinne as CTO

Earlier this month, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced the appointment of Henning Schulzrinne as Chief Technology Officer – a major move forward for the FCC and the US communications regulatory environment. This move was made in-part because the FCC has...

Interop New York 2009 Videos

I got back from Interop New York 2009 last night and was pretty excited to conduct a number of video interviews in the new TMC Newsroom set. One of the videos I was particularly excited to conduct was with Dr....

Adtran Voice Quality Monitoring Demo

I am still at the Adtran media event here in Huntsville, Al.As you can see, the media is being presented with Adtran's voice quality monitoring solutions which graphically represent voice quality at seven-second intervals by monitoring the RTP streams of...

Open Source Communications War

Behold the open source communications wars. In this corner weighing in at millions of downloads is Digium... A Huntsville, Alabama purveyor of all things Asterisk... From training to support to hardware, you name it.In the other corner with decades of...
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