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How Apple and Others Control Leaks

John Martellaro presents an eye-opening story of how Apple uses the media as it sees fit to disseminate information about a product it is launching. Reasons to do so include changing the behavior of a partner, seeing if a price...

Cisco EMC Merger Rumor

With a majority stake in VMware and a commanding lead of the storage space, what's not to like about EMC. If you are Cisco, it makes sense to pick up EMC now because the stock is down a bit and...

Rumor: Deutsche Telecom to Acquire Sprint

I don't want to predict a disaster but having Deutsche Telecom acquire Sprint doesn't make sense from the perspective of all the different network types these companies use. Sprint uses CDMA, Deutsche Telecom's T-Mobile uses GSM and Nextel uses iDEN....

Rumor Mill: Google Buying Skype

I have to be honest with you my loyal and devoted readers. I am disgusted with myself. Why you ask? Because I am an addict – I am addicted to writing about Google. I just can’t seem to help it....

Tata Acquires Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford

A major passion of mine is automobiles but I rarely write about the subject. I a just learned India’s Tata will purchase Land Rover and Jaguar from Ford. This is pretty big news as it puts an Indian company behind...

Rumor: HP to Acquire Comverse

I just heard a rumor which I can’t verify at the moment that HP will acquire or at least has shown potential interest to acquire Comverse. I have no idea if it is true so please take with healthy salt....
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