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Prediction: No More Hard Drives - Summer 2010

I question whether mainstream computers and laptops/netbooks will use hard disks by the summer of 2010. Sandisk has made dramatic improvements to solid-state drives they sell and their new G3 SSDs are more than five time faster than 7,200 RPM...

Big Mobile Week

Boy has there been tremendous mobile news this week. A few of the more interesting news announcements I have seen are the release of the Google T-Mobile G1 Phone which is based on Android/OHA. What is really interesting about this...

12 GB MicroSD Card

I was waiting for a higher capacity MicroSD card as the 8GB card just wasn't enough for my needs. I thought perhaps the Consumer Electronics show would bring us a 16 GB card but I was off by 4 GB....

SanDisk takes on the iPod

I am impressed that SanDisk has come out with music player after music player. Each seems to be a better value than the last. The question is whether the American market and others will care much about the value difference...

SanDisk Sansa e280

For $250 you can purchase a flash-based MP3 player that comes with a native 8 GB and can be upgraded to 10 GB with a micro SD card. My friends that is 2,500 songs and you won’t ever hear it...
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