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This past week was pretty busy with communications news and announcements. For example, AT&T made a number of headlines by providing large-scale videoconferencing in China among other accomplishments. The communications giant seems to be on fire now that SBC and...

AT&T Rumors

I’ve heard a lot of AT&T rumors lately. First of all some within the AT&T organization see the merger with SBC as an acquisition and feel that AT&T is being fit into the SBC culture. One person mentioned in passing...

AT&T Logo

Here is the new AT&T logo. Enjoy....

New AT&T Is Here

Here is a release I received today from AT&T. Most of this is not new information but I was surprised to see the emphasis on entertainment. I didn't realize the new company was a leader in entertainment. I suppose this...


TMC’s Bob Liu and Tom Keating wrote an excellent article on Microsoft and Cisco collaborating on the ICE standard, a technology used to enable VoIP traffic to more easily permeate firewalls in a secure fashion. Currently, session border controllers (SBCs)...

Aswath on SBC

Here are Aswath’s comments on the whole SBC/Ed Whitacre debacle. If you understand cricket you will enjoy this post immensely. If not you may learn a thing or two about cricket.It is my sincere hope that regulators are reading what...
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