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Yahoo Reinvents Mobile Browser with Axis

Yahoo has taken the mobile browser and improved it dramatically by integrating search and allowing users to view results rapidly without the need to open page after page. While Google allows similar functionality on a desktop what Yahoo has done...

Look Out Google, Here Comes MSE360

Recently I came across a search engine which was new to me called MSE360. I tried it out and was impressed that a search engine I have never heard of could be so accurate. It is not perfect mind you...

Touchless Gives Glimpse of GBUI

We have seen the futuristic user interfaces of movies like Minority Report and The Matrix Revolutions where people wave their hands in 3 dimensions and the computer understands what the user wants and shifts and sorts data with precision....

Searchme Stacks Rock

You may recall the relatively new visual search engine called Searchme which allows you to see graphical snapshots of your search results before you click on a page. The theory here is you can get a better idea about a...

SearchMe Analysis

I finally got a password for the SearchMe beta and had a chance to play with this relatively new search engine. Simply stated, this search service is what Apple might design. You put in your search term and when the...

SearchMe Enters Beta

I just learned of SearchMe a search engine which differentiates itself by being more graphical than others. When you search, you are presented with category tabs as well as a graphical representation of what the results pages look like....
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