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API of the Week: Stitch Labs Adds Flexibility to Omnichannel Commerce

As the number of sales channels explodes, companies look to automation to help them manage inventory across them all. From Amazon to an internal ecommerce site and bricks and mortar, companies need a way to sync inventory, orders and data.... The .Good the .Bad and the .Ugly

The .GoodI’ve been using the new ecommerce site for a few weeks and so far I have found the selection to be about 20-30% of what Amazon offers. For example you can buy rice cookers but not from Black &...

Important Tech News of the Day Dec 14, 2012

Amazon Prime Instant Video app for iOS is out Alcatel Lucent says providing video to devices is a great new revenue opportunity for carriers Google Just Settled a Six-Year Dispute with Belgian Publishers IT spending will pick up in...

Walmart To Go is Webvan 2.0

Have we finally broken the barrier to same day delivery? During the dotcom boom, Webvan and Peapod were going to change the world and when things went bust and both companies had to deal with the realities of massive infrastructure...

Is This Why Web Sales Are Through the Roof?

Holiday sales are up 15% to a record $32 billion so far. And you have to stop and wonder why the numbers are growing so quickly... After all Amazon isn't new. It isn't like people weren't comfortable with online shopping... an App Store for Commerce from eBay

How the “now-boring” auction site is trying to become the hub of commerce Since the launch of the iTunes App Store there has been a rush to emulate the success of Apple by owning an ecosystem which is powered by...

How You Know Amazon has Made it

 Amazon doesn't need me to tell them they have "made it" and with a market cap of $56B they are obviously doing a lot of things right. Still, this morning I saw my house absolutely littered with new boxes from...

Adobe Scene7 Awakens the Web

If you are interested to see how the world of ecommerce will merge with virtual worlds, you should check out the Hunter Douglas website as it uses Adobe Scene7 technology to allow some serious visualization. You may be expecting a...

Second Life Meets the Call Center

You have heard me discuss how contact centers could connect with virtual worlds and moreover how virtual worlds could connect with e-commerce. One of my most recent posts is titled Virtual Customer Interactions and in this post I give an...
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