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Selling your Privacy Evolves with Amazon Silk Browser

Amazon's new Silk browser bundled with its new Kindle Fire will leverage it's own servers for browser proxying meaning that all the websites you surf will go through the company's cloud-based servers. Although browser proxying is not new, it has...

eBay Unloads StumbleUpon, Skype Next?

  eBay just sold StumbleUpon to its original founders and returns it with triple the registered users or about 7.5 million. The site was sold to eBay in May of 2007 for $75 million and eBay has recently said the...

Skype Gives Away HD VoIP Codec

There is no question in my mind that HD voice is the future of communications. The PSTN and associated codecs, microphones and speakers are all designed to transmit telephony based on technology a half-century old. Few other industries have such...
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