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Truphone's Vastly Expanded International Roaming Plan

Truphone bills itself as the first global network operator and in an age where international roaming bills can run up quite quickly, having the company in your corner can make predictable international voice, data and text pricing a reality. As...

Cisco says NFV to be a Revolution

Shocking words from an equipment provider? Jared Headley who heads up Cisco’s service provider mobility marketing said to me recently, “We still believe the best way to simplify service delivery is to virtualize it, put it on COTS and really...

Even Smaller SIM Cards on Way? Thanks Apple

Looks like Apple thinks even the pretty small microSIM card is too big and this could mean videos like the one produced by Corning - A Day Made of Glass will come sooner than we think. Look for the new...

iPhone Bug not Specific to Truphone

Recently some media outlets reported incorrectly (links intentionally left out) that Truphone is not working on the iPhone due to a bug in Apple's OS. As it turns out this was a mistake which was caused by misreading  a reference...

Truphone Local Anywhere Makes Mobile Roaming Painless

Truphone Local Anywhere is likely one of the more revolutionary products/services you will see this year and consists of a single-SIM, multi-country mobile service that will make any mobile call within the set of supported countries a local call....

Protecting IMS/UMA and IP Communications

The advent of any technology is when unscrupulous users see if they can take advantage of it. The first computer worms, viruses and spam are a few examples of how good technology was used by those with malicious intent to...
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