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Dan York Speaks

Accomplished VoIP blogger Dan York will be speaking at ITEXPO in about a week in Los Angeles. ...

A Testimonial and Thanks

I received this e-mail testimonial today from Olle Westerberg, CEO of Ingate Systems AB and my first reaction was happiness, satisfaction and then pride followed by gratitude. I will explain each in order. Happiness: There is no better feeling in...

SIP Trunking Conference

Ingate received rave reviews from their SIP trunking session at the last ITEXPO in San iego. They are at it again and will hold a free conference titled  “The SIP Trunking Series: Everything you Need to Know” at ITEXPO in...

IP Communications Investments

Recently a reporter called me to ask what the best investments are today in the communications space. I thought about this question for a while and these are my thoughts. What do you think?I hope to connect with many of...

More SIP Trunking Details

I just came across this info on the SIP trunking conference at ITEXPO. Since I have been hearing about this more and more and we have been fielding questions about the event I thought sharing this entire document makes sense.------SIP...


Out of the many areas in the IP communications space worth watching, I think SIP trunking (see TMCnet's SIP Week in Review for lots more info on the SIP trunking market) is among the more interesting. I say this because...
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