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Foxconn Plays the Trump Presidency Brilliantly

Let’s start off with what will likely be taken poorly by U.S. workers… According to at least one company, you get paid more to be less loyal and show up to work less often than your Mexican counterparts. Specifically, Gregory...

Microsoft, SNL, Sprint and Softbank News for Monday October 15, 2012

Microsoft is jumping into the music business and this is perhaps the biggest news of the day and possibly the week. Redmond is now offering ad supported music streaming and going up against Sirius XM, Pandora and Apple’s iTunes all...

Will Steve Jobs Wow Us?

It seems that if you do not blog about the iPhone this weekend you will be out touch with the blogging and news gathering communities. It is just that important. On Monday we will have a new Apple mobile device...

Free Softbank Calls

Softbank is said to be considering allowing free phone calls between its VoIP and wireless service. The goal will be to increase the stickiness of each service while simultaneously enticing more subscribers. Obviously there is potential for an ARPU hit...

Microsoft, Softbank and Japan Telecom Oh My

Microsoft Co. Ltd., SOFTBANK BB Corp., and JAPAN TELECOM CO. LTD., announced that they are developing a security-enhanced, integrated communications service that combines VoIP, e-mail, Internet access, groupware, presence, instant messaging and desktop services with network infrastructure, and that they...
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