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Mobile Profits are Skyrocketing as 67,000 Are Laid Off

Mobile is not your father’s tech space.  Over the past two years, profits from the top eight mobile vendors has risen from $5.3 billion to $14.4 billion for a whopping increase of $9.1 billion and all this while over 67,000...

Deep Facebook Integration Coming to Your Smartphone

SonyEricsson’s Facebook inside Xperia experience shows what’s possible when Facebook takes over your smartphone. Many current customers can upgrade their Xperia phones to have this new functionality which allows you to instantly see Facebook photos, share your likes and dislikes...

News From Oracle, RIM, Google, Apple, Twitter and More

TMC Had its Holiday party last night but that didn't stop an amazing amount of interesting news from happening in the last 12-18 hours or so. I've got lots of opinion and analysis to share on many of the happenings....

How the iPhone Has Changed the Mobile Game

Finally, after weeks/months of waiting I got an iPhone 3G. You may recall the mix-up I had at the AT&T Wireless store which seemed like it would keep me from ever getting one. Well, the store manager had been emailing...
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