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Divoom Bluetune Solo Speaker Review

At CES 2013 I had a chance to check out the Divoom Bluetune Solo speaker, a pint-sized gadget which packs a powerful punch of bass for its size. The speaker is round and fits in a  coffee cup taking...

Sonos SUB Expensive but Convenient

Sonos makes a great WiFi-based sound system allowing wire-free sound in any room in your home. The only problem with this strategy is that Apple and its AirPlay wireless streaming system is a peripheral competitor and when you go up...

Rich Tehrani's Favorite Tech Tools

I have been meaning to thank my tech vendors for a while - the companies which allow me to be as productive as possible on the road. I am going to be brutally honest and not sugar coat so brace...

Terry Matthews to Keynote ITEXPO West 2009

Over 70 companies founded by one person in one industry - communications/technology (to be fair he owns hotels and golf courses as well). Over the years, tens of thousands of people were hired because of the vision of Sir Terry...

ITEXPO Call For Papers

Please be advised that if you are interested in speaking at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in Miami this January the deadline to submit abstracts is tomorrow. Please be sure to forward the following letter immediately to all who are...

Webinar Presentation

In my never ending quest to amass as much information in my brain as possible, I have begun listening to archived webinars as I work. It turns out I can learn a great deal from such webinars as I answer...
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