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Anna Chapman: a Model Spy - Seriously

I already covered how this whole spy scandal seems unusual because they didn't seem to be taking as many precautions as they should to avoid detection. Now I happened upon a post from David Gewirtz explaining how gorgeous lead spy...

Russia Spies Use Ad-Hoc WiFi Network

In a world where the Internet is so pervasive and content flows so freely in such massive quantities, you would imagine encrypted information can be sent undetected between spy agencies and spies. Why, you may wonder would anyone transfer covert...

Spy While You Talk

Let's face it. We are all busier than ever and many of us are multitasking quite often. In some cases, some of us email while we talk on the phone to get more done during the course of a busy...

Newest Tech, Oldest Profession

I must admit, I was not 100% sure I wanted to cover this topic in my blog but in the end the human interest angle coupled with the popularity of the news regarding the Eliot Spitzer prostitution arrest made...

To Catch a Spy HP Style

This is a really cool story about how HP caught a spy/leaker of confidential information to the media. I didn’t get to finish it – probably because MSNBC forces you to click next excessively to read a story. I prefer...
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