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Tablets Disrupt Hard Drives

The Disruptor Gets Disrupted A common example of a disruptive technology is inexpensive, less reliable hard drives which when configured into RAID (redundant systems allowing one or two disk failures to not bring down an array) systems created a superior...

Lenovo Dual-Screen Breakthrough

 From what I can tell, I am in the minority when it comes to my laptop desires. I like the biggest screen with the largest resolution I can get while being practical which means being aware of weight and whether...

Prediction: No More Hard Drives - Summer 2010

I question whether mainstream computers and laptops/netbooks will use hard disks by the summer of 2010. Sandisk has made dramatic improvements to solid-state drives they sell and their new G3 SSDs are more than five time faster than 7,200 RPM...


As I spend more and more time in hotel rooms I find my laptop often wakes me up at night due to the various applications that are set to run after hours. There is the disk defragmenter, the anti-spyware program,...
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