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NYC or France, Where Would You Locate Your Company?

New York City – whose moniker is “The City that Never Sleeps” has pushed to ensure your company never sleeps and in today’s connected and digital economy, this may be the difference between success and failure.If you had a chance...

Slowly, New York Subways get Cell Service

GSM customers rejoice, finally you will be able to use your cellphones in the subways of New York. As someone who has gotten lost navigating my way around down there, I am grateful this day has finally come. AT&T and...

The US Entrenched in the Communications Third World

A year ago I wrote an entry titled Living in the Third World of Communications and boy, I must have been really pissed off on that day because I usually don't tell politicians they need to be sure they...

Ads in Subways

Ads, ads everywhere. Well it used to be that ads were everywhere but amazingly Tivo and satellite radio have minimized the viewing and listening of ads by many. Perhaps this is why new companies like Submedia and SideTrack have developed...
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