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FCC Exceptionalism and Supremacy?

A guest post worth reading from Scott Cleland, Founder & President, Precursor, LLC: Read it on Often stepping back to gain perspective, and to try and see the forest for the trees can be highly instructive. However, if one...

Supreme Court Justices are Tech Novices

Last night I was made aware of the case of Ontario v. Quon where a SWAT officer in the Ontario, CA city had his personal pager messages read and sued based on the idea that his messages were private. While...

Cash that Check -- Go to Jail

Apparently it is becoming increasingly possible to go to jail when you receive a fraudulent check. This can happen when selling products on craigslist and eBay.   An article in the San Francisco Chronicle explains San Francisco resident Matthew Shinnick...

Enjoying Florida

I wish I could stay and enjoy Florida a bit more but I am speaking and then out of here later today. I find I can be more productive in a hotel room than I am in my office. The...

NY Times Goes Offline

Will the New York Times ever go offline or will Google and Amazon merge? Here is an interesting video focusing on some past history as well as the future of computing and media. It is about eight minutes long and...
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