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Billions Lost to Business Disruption

CDW recently performed a survey discussing just how much money is lost by business to disruption. Here are some of the findings: 200 businesses completed the survey Half (51 percent) experienced problems connecting to their IT network from other locations...

87% of Executives Agree Face-to-Face Meetings are Best

A recent Forbes survey shows business executives prefer face-to-face meetings over those of the virtual type. As expected 58% of respondents said they were travelling for business less today than they were at the beginning of the recession in January...

TMCnet Visitors Cautiously Optimistic About 2009

For those of us in telecom and tech, there is obvious concern about where the economy is headed - just like any other industry. The difference for us is we have seen a recent bubble burst and don't have the...

UC Hot in UK

Yes this is a short post but what more is there to say beyond the fact that 87% of respondents in a UK survey said they would deploy unified communications. The UK is turning out to be a great market...

SMBs Embrace FMC

Huge news comes from Nortel as they recently commissioned a survey which found SMBs are more technically savvy than some might have imagined. SMBs seem to be screaming for FMC solutions and unified communications -- especially as it relates to...
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