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Smartwatch as Information Hub

I am a huge watch freak - meaning I love all sorts of them from the most stylish to the most nerdy. The last watch I truly loved was the Tissot High-T which was amazing because it used the Microsoft...

Sony Dash, AT&T Femtocell, 3PAR, Dell and HP

This morning my new Sony Dash arrived in my office and I have been meaning to set it up all day but failed. This gadget is essentially an iPad which is more chunky, cheaper and needs a plug to operate....

Google Gmail VoIP, Cloud Computing and Other News August, 25 2010

It's been a busy day in the world of tech news as Google who already has a telecom service in Google Voice has expanded it into Gmail with a two-pronged goal of making it easier to call via Google's network...

TechZone360: Blog Preview Sneak Peak

 Next week TMC is launching a new Web site which will house some of our best content. It is called TechZone360 and it is really hush hush so consider it to be an Alpha service for now and only known...
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