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BuckleMate Reduces Teen Injuries Through Smart Monitoring

You really need to have nerves of steel when you give the car keys to your teen child for the first time. At that very moment, a parent can have a traumatic episode where they remember their child's entire life...

How M2M, Telematics & GPS Helped Catch the Boston Bombers

The Boston bombers stole a Mercedes Benz equipped with mbrace2 the m2m/telematics system allowing a user or law enforcement to track the vehicle. While typically the system is useful for users who want to remotely unlock or lock their car...

What The Peep (Wireless) is Going On?

A company which claims to do the impossible. What can’t this thing do? I love to hear aggressive new companies break onto the scene full on huge ambitions but the recent news that Peep Wireless will be able to take...

Alcatel-Lucent on ng Connect

I had a chance to speak with Doug Wolf and Kurt Steinart of Alcatel-Lucent about their ng Connect ecosystem and how this new and evolving ecosystem will tie together 4G networks with consumer electronics, telematics, digital signage and more. Another...

ng Connect Improves the User Experience

Device and service convergence continues to accelerate and as it does, the complexity involved in creating new products and services increases. A counter to the trend of increasing complexity is the new multi-industry ng Connect Program, founded by Alcatel-Lucent which...

Linux In The Dashboard?

Would you want an open source OS in your car... Controlling everything from the motor to the brakes to the internet access? Frankly, over the years, TMC has grown with not only Microsoft computers but we relied on Unix since...
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