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Pandora Increases Focus on Cars

One of the best places in need of Internet radio is in the car as you are not able to currently able to skip songs on regular or satellite radio. Pandora and Slacker have changed the paradigm of radio listening...

Pandora Radio Doubles Users

Digital media continues to grow and as it does, the habits of consumption continue to change. Consider that Pandora Media has doubled its number of registered users this year to 40 million and about one third of its three-million daily...

Pandora Interview: TMCnet Exclusive

Internet radio has really revolutionized the way millions have listened to music and for that I have to thank everyone in the industry for allowing consumers to mark individual songs for more or less play. The amazing thing about Internet...

Internet Music Saved?

There is some good news and bad in the recent negotiations between record labels and internet streaming sites which bring you radio over IP. From the AP: The revenue-sharing deal announced Tuesday is between SoundExchange, a nonprofit that collects royalties...

Help Save Internet Radio

If you aren't aware, traditional US broadcasters have done their best to kill internet radio. The reason is simple... Internet radio can be better than traditional radio and using the power of listeners, internet radio stations like Pandora allow a...
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