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Come Meet the Thought Leaders at ITEXPO

One of the most important parts of any conference is the networking... The potential to meet and speak with thought leaders in numerous markets at one time in one place. This year's ITEXPO has more thought leaders than any prior...

iPhone: Living Through Other's Misery

Fellow blogger Tom Cross has a story about how the new software upgrade on his iPhone caused him to lose  mountains of personal data and voicemails . Tom Keating has more. Gee, perhaps its a good thing I couldn't buy...

Microsoft OCS Training

An education like no other is what we promise at ITEXPO -- especially our TMC Universtiy certification classes which take place September 16-18, 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.One of the certifications being offered at the show focuses on...

OCS Assimilation

Tom Cross has an interesting post about Microsoft OCS and in it he has a good communications history lesson detailing some of Redmond's past activities in the telecom space. Here is an excerpt: What all this means is that the...
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