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Will the FCC Ban Talking on Flights Next?

We realize this is a controversial topic as many people didn't want internet on flights, let alone calling. Having said that, Your's Truly has turned on WiFi Calling on his phone and does occasionally talk in the iPhone mid-flight. The...

New York Times Misses Big Picture in USF Opinion

As the transition to IP communications continues, the regulatory challenges associated with this transition continue to grow. The arcane world of telecom fees and taxes have been used for years to not only generate income for the government but...

What Newspapers Need to do

Tom Wheeler has some salient points on how newspapers need to reinvent themselves using wireless technology. While the article doesn't focus on revenue generation it is worth mentioning the challenge for newspapers is subscribers really don't want to pay for...

Tom Wheeler

I would like to personally welcome Tom Wheeler to the TMCnet editorial team. Tom is an industry veteran with experience which is virtually unrivaled. Having been president of both the CTIA and the NCTA he is in the enviable position...
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