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East Texas: A Great Place To Get Sued

One lawyer thinks East Texas is a good place to be sued. If you are interested in knowing why Apple was just sued by a California man in East Texas, check out this article which explains how this particular...

Blackberry Thunder Coming to Verizon Stores

H.having experienced touch-screen browsing on the iPhone and even via Skyfire, I can tell you browsing without a touchscreen is a painful experience. Of course this applies to mobile devices. RIM knows this and is subsequently rolling out a new...

Tissot High-T Discontinued

Sadly, the Tissot High-T has been discontinued. This is terrible news as when the watch worked, it worked very well. It connected with the Microsoft Spot network which is now called MSN Direct. It had a touch screen and vibrate...

Apple vs. SP Technologies

Can you imagine a world where iPhones didn’t have access to touch screen technology? Well a company called SP Technologies has a patent on what seems to be the keyboard mechanism on the Apple iPhone. Will this mean Apple is...
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