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Tembo Trunks: Vuvuzela Inspired Music

Its been months since the World Cup ended but that sound of Vuvuzelas is still stuck in my head. But wouldn't you know it - someone took the idea of the vuvuzela and came up with a concept for iPod...

SMS Saves Lives

The only thing better than seeing the world interconnecting with technologies such as SMS, is seeing health care providers taking advantage of the latest gadgets and technology to help curb disease outbreaks and improve prescription compliance. Case in point is...

Caribbean Outsourcing

Many people think India when they discuss outsourcing but it is interesting to note that the market for BPO/teleservices is much larger than a single country. Case in point is a company called e-SGI. I read about them in an...

New Germ Free Keyboard

How many colds and viruses are picked up because of shared keyboards and phones? Now there is a solution for the problem of spreading germs through shared keyboards at least. If you think this is a small problem consider...

A Date-Rape-Drug-Free Christmas

Buying toys is riskier than ever. I remember when I was a kid and falling off your bike was the worst problem you might have. You would get scraped, bruised, a bit beat up but you would get back on...
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