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Happy Thanksgiving 2009

In honor of the US thanksgiving holiday I will be blogging less than usual this week. I wish you all a wonderful week full of family, friends, good health, safety and security....

Pakistan Blocks YouTube

Remember a while back when I suggested we use YouTube as a political barometer in response to Iran blocking the video sharing site? Well, Pakistan is the latest country to join the list of YouTube blockers. More See also: Blogging...

Musings for March 7, 2007

Now it has been a while since I was in the mood to muse as it were but when the muse mood strikes it is best to be by a keyboard so you can ponder the ramifications of world events....

Return Receipt Frustration

First of all to everyone in the world, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!Even if you don't celebrate, have some turkey -- it is good for you. Lots of tryptophan and as a bonus it is low in fat and calories and high in...
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