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Texting While Driving Laws Don't Work

Let me start by saying texting-while-driving is dangerous yet it is something many continue to do. Moreover, government legislators who try to stop bad behavior, as usual think not of the unintended consequences of their actions. Instead they feel good...

Retweet Now in Dictionary

What a month for Twitter - On the first of August, TMCnet reported that a suicidal tweet resulted in a saved life and now, the term retweet has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. It is fantastic to see...

Crescendo Application Delivery Controllers Scale as Giant Virtual ADC

As Web sites reach traffic capacity due to increased loads, quite often an application delivery controller or ADC is enlisted to help with the task of speeding of web performance as well as dealing with load balancing. A few areas...

TMC Interviews in Boston Tomorrow

I will be at Boston's Liberty Hotel tomorrow in the Ebersol Suite interviewing many in the industry all day tomorrow. If your CEO is in the area and you want to learn more about meeting me or another editorial team-member,...
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