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More Cable Details Emerge

More details are emerging from the recent cut cables in the middle east. According to the ITU's (International Telecom Union) head of development, Sami al-Murshed, "We do not want to preempt the results of ongoing investigations, but we do...

The Real Cable Story

For those of you who just can't get enough information on the middle east cable outages, the Economist sheds some light on the story with a well-written piece containing lots of detail. Sadly they seem to discourage conspiracy theories making...

One Cable Cut Explained

Great news... An anchor did cut one of the undersea cables in the middle east meaning there is one less chance for the conspiracy theory some are espousing. What happened to the other four cables is still a mystery...

Cables Fixed by Weekend

It looks like the undersea cables will be fixed by the weekend. Here are some details from Reuters and the AP. Here is an excerpt from the AP story: The two unusual incidents slowed businesses and hampered personal Internet usage...

A Cut Cable a Day

Apparently a cut cable a day makes the Internet go away. We are at five and counting. Any theories on what is going on? Maybe its the bees? ...

Undersea Cable Cuts

Undersea cables are a weak spot in internet connectivity worldwide and with all the recent undersea outages taking place around the world, we need to be concerned that in the US and Canada that these cables are unprotected. Not only...
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