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Microsoft and Nortel Stop the Messaging Madness

The average employee gets more than 50 messages every day on up to seven devices and today Microsoft and Nortel came together under the banner of the Innovative Communications Alliance to announce to the world that new software will help...

Innovative Communications Alliance

I am in New York today with Greg Galitzine on my way to the Innovative Communications Alliance meeting which is the new (since this past summer anyway) initiative between Microsoft and Nortel. I haven’t covered this topic too extensively and...

Communications in 2007

Any look at the future of any industry would not be complete without analysis of recent events. In the case of communications, 2006 seems like the transitional year of all time for a number of reasons. Next week, Jan 23-26...

Art Rosenberg

I have been getting Lots of constructive feedback from Art Rosenberg for many years; probably longer than a decade. Way back to when we launched CTI Magazine in fact. As you may know Art is widely accepted as the person...

Unified Communications

Cisco's John Chambers reported at a keynote speech at VoiceCon that Cisco has increased production 10% a year and are cutting travel by 27% in 2006 due to Unified Communications....

Oprah Spam

Apparently this is the new virus plaguing internet users. I literally get 2-3 invitations to subscribe for free each day. Is this such a great incentive for me? No. Do I enjoy getting this crap on my Blackberry? NO. For...
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