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Check out a Webinar on Telecom Visibility 2.0

For over 20 years I’ve been tracking Unimax a company that has been the only pure-play moves/adds/changes solutions provider to large enterprises around the globe. Andrew Hunkins was the founder/CTO/CEO throughout the years and my most memorable meetings with him...

Unimax Continues to Evolve

While wandering around VoiceCon recently, I was struck by how many different kinds of communications platforms are available for organizations, and many companies attempting to tackle unified communications must eventually find themselves in a multivendor environment needing "unified management". How...


Unimax just announced 31% annual growth over year over year. The company has been a staple of the telecom market for many years and excels at helping companies provision telecom systems – with a strong focus on VoIP devices and...
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