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Whoops: Cisco Sued by Customer over Slogan

Tomorrow Starts Here is a pretty catchy slogan – so catchy that it’s the reason Cisco is being sued by its customer East Carolina University. In 2003 ECU was so happy with Cisco they allowed the networking leader to use...

Of Universities and Technology

I head back from Paetec World today and I have had a number of very good meetings so far. I have a busy morning planned but before I head off to the day's festivities it is worth pointing out that...

Schools, Hotels and IP Communications

A few vertical markets hopping on the VoIP bandwagon are universities and hotels. Here is an article about how NEC is penetrating both markets. The smaller IP PBX companies have done a good job focusing on vertical markets such as...

VoIP and CRM Happenings

My youngest daughter woke up a few times last night meaning of course I got a late start which translates into blogging late. I have been scanning the net for a while and here are some of the stories that...
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