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Why you Should Hold Off on iOS 9

I bit the bullet and downloaded iOS 9 yesterday – right at the start of TMC’s on the road show tour of Dallas, Texas where I was meeting a number of companies in the area and learning about their upcoming...

iPhone OS 3.0 Review: Batteries Not Included

I have to admit I was impatient and when I learned I could follow some easy steps to upgrade to the shipping version of the iPhone 3.0 software before the June 17 general availability date -- I just had to...

Windows 7/Vista Changes Tech's Future

Since Microsoft started to produce GUI-based operating systems, they have been responsible for helping the entire tech space. Redmond's operating systems and software have always been bloated, taking up more space than equivalent products from other companies. Much of the...

Backup iPhone Before 2.2 Upgrade

I am in the process of upgrading my iPhone 3G to the latest version -- 2.2. So far, the install gave an error and when I tried to restore fromt he backup it failed. After a reboot of my laptop...

3G iPhone Problems... AT&T to Blame or Infineon?

Are you a new iPhone user who is having problems with the device switching between networks? Are you browsing at slower speeds than you should? Are you getting dropped calls at a higher rate than you are used to?If you...

T-Mobile's Massive Spend

I thought it worth mentioning the absolutely staggering amount of money T-Mobile will be spending to upgrade their 2G and 3G networks. A total of $10.3 billion will be spent between now and 2009 in fact. This could be an...
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