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Getting Ready to Head to the Olympics

 Slowly but surely I am packing and generally getting ready to fly to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver where I will not only see some games such as curling and hockey but I may even take in concert if there...

2010 Vancouver Olympic iPhone Apps

Here are 10 winter Olympic apps suggested by Network World. As I am going next week I thought I would get in the spirit and start downloading. So far I picked up the following (all links immediately below lead to...

Tehrani at Winter Olympics

 After ITEXPO in Miami next week, I come back home, witness TMC's move into a new headquarters, head back down to Miami for a bar Mitzvah and then finally head to the Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. While there I will...

Telus Nabs Huge VoIP Deal

Congratulations are in order to Telus who won a $7 million dollar deal with an 18 month RFP to provide VoIP and call center solutions to Vancouver's 311 contact center which supports 200 sites including City Hall, the 311 Contact...

Vancouver Photos

Here are some of the Vancouver shots from my trip -- which I think you will enjoy. You can now click some of the photos on my blog to see a larger image (such as the ones below). Unfortunately this...

Leaving Vancouver

I feel weird writing this entry as I never told you I was in Vancouver to begin with. After leaving NXTComm, I came to the west coast of Canada because there are a number of companies in the area worth...
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