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Viacom Lawsuit Against YouTube and Google gets Juicy

In one of the most unusual stories I have seen in a while, media and Internet titans Viacom and Google are sparring publicly. Earlier this week court documents revealed a YouTube cofounder consistently uploaded copyrighted material to the site to...

YouTube/Viacom: The Issue is with the Judge

I have trouble agreeing with Mchael Arrington over at TechCrunch which is unusual for me. In a recent post he argues that Google is entrusted with user data and needs to protect it. While this makes perfect sense, isn't the...

Judge Gives Google a Viacom Copyright Lawsuit Extension

Apparently sometimes even Google needs more time to search through documents. In fact, a judge has granted the search leader two more months to scan through 4.5 billion documents pertaining to a lawsuit with Viacom regarding copyright infringement relating to...

Google Getting Reckless

I thought Eric Schmidt’s comments about Viacom being a company built for lawsuits a bit reckless. Upon further investigation however, he may be correct and this sort of comment is as true as it is offensive. Still a company with...
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