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3D to Be Displaced by Holographic?

While 3D technologies are all the rage at the moment, the next display technology worth watching (pun intended  ) has got to be those of the holographic variety where a 360 degree viewing angle takes 3D to the next level.I...

Spam, Microsoft Search, American Airlines WiFi and More

I have so much to write about today that I just don't have the time for separate blog entries so if you excuse me, here is a list of unrelated but important topics.Spam ArrestI get too much spam. I get...

Video Game Marketing

I gave a keynote presentation yesterday on the next generation of marketing and it was one of my favorite speeches to date as it was something new and different to discuss. I got to speak about all the latest technology...

Musings for March 7, 2007

Now it has been a while since I was in the mood to muse as it were but when the muse mood strikes it is best to be by a keyboard so you can ponder the ramifications of world events....

XBox 360

Here is a great article on the XBox 360 from Tom Keating. What I like is the analysis of Microsoft versus Sony Playstation 3. What you might find interesting is the features Sony has that Microsoft doesn’t. For example the...
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